Sentry roofing recognizes that hiring a roofing contractor can be stressful.  Our expert roofing team respects your home, treating each job with unsurpassed professionalism.  Roof replacement has been our primary focus since the start of the company.  We also work with your insurance company if you require roof replacement due to weather related damange.  Our team works quickly and efficiently, often times replacing roofs in as little as one day.   Sentry roofing offers an array of roofing services to our clients, ranging from emergency roof repair to complete roof remodeling.  Locally owned and operated in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area, we pride ourselves on craftsmanship, professionalism and efficiency.  

Green and Eco

We use recycled materials when available and green friendly methods in roof repair and new installation.



At Sentry Roofing, we have certified installers for most top rated commercial roofing systems available.  Mainly GAF, Firestone, Versico, Durolast, Johns Manville and more.  We’ve been in business for more that 25 years and we understand what is important as well as what works and what doesn’t. We have the know how and the expertise to get your job done efficiently and within budget. We can provide both current and past references upon request   We have a clear understanding of what works


Solar Panels

Looking for great solar panels for your home?  Sentry Solar provides utility grade solar panels for home use.  We are statewide designers / installers servicing the entire state of Texas. We use this volume to negotiate quality control while purchasing directly from solar panel manufacturers and not standard production stock from local distributors. Our entire staff is focused 100% on solar panels for home use, as a result we have great solar panel reviews and solar experts performing your home solar panel installation. Sentry Solar provides the best home solar panel price and solar panel performance in Texas with high quality solar panels, inverters and professional installation. If you’re looking for a GREAT investment (converted utility expense) with superior performance, you came to the right place.