Will you pay my deductible?

Technically it is illegal to pay a home owner's deductible.  However, it is legal to barter (such as a sign promo) so the deductible is typically absorbed into the work scope of a roofing contract.  So there is little to no out of pocket expense to the home owner.  This is why you see so many signs, and new roofs in your neighborhood.

How do I know the work will be done?

With all companies you don't.   It is a very realistic concern that a roofing contractor would come by your home promise to do the work, and once you hand him your first insurance check disappear.  This is why you want to use a company with integrity like Sentry.  We give you a signed copy of contracts, work scope, etc.  We are not a fly by night company.  We care about our reputation, and most importantly your well being.

What happens if my roof leaks after SENTRY builds it?

You call us immediately, and will fix it as soon as possible.  All products we put on a roof have some type of warranty.  Upgraded roofs have up to 50 year warranties.  We will always stand behind our work, and have the home owner's best interest in mind. 

How does a claim work? And does it raise my rates?

A claim is the same as using health insurance. You pay every month to protect your home in the event of weather, fire, flood etc.  Just like you keep insurance in the event you are sick and need to go to the doctor.  Home owner's insurance is no different.  When you call and make a claim you will need to tell them a date of approximately the last storm, and what you think is wrong such as your roof has damage etc.. which we will help you assess.  We take over from there meeting with the adjuster to make sure all the damage to your home is properly evaluated.   Once you get a check we pick it up and show you the work scope, and build you a new roof.  

An individual claim does not directly raise your insurance.  However, because there are storms and damage that happen the insurance companies have gotten smarter and raise everyone's rates in an area whether they make a claim or not.  So you are going to have a rise in rates after bad storms regardless.  It is just a matter of having a new roof out of it or paying higher rates without a new roof.

Are the claim checks made out to me or SENTRY?

The checks will always be made out to you the home owner.  We are full disclosure, and want you to choose to do business with us.   You will endorse the first check along with the mortgage company if applicable.  You do not even need to put the check in your bank account.  Once the check is endorsed properly we will schedule the work, and start the process to build you a new roof.

What happens if my claim is denied or the damage is not greater than my deductible?

If your claim is denied it is not a bad or negative thing.  It just means that your roof and property is in great shape, and does not require repair.  If your deductible is higher than the total amount of damage to your home or property the insurance company will typically not complete the claim unless you want to pay out of pocket for the difference of your deductible.   We will advise you on this in a case by case basis. 

When do you give me an estimate or a bid to do the work?

The beauty of this whole process is we actually don't and you don't have to search or find any bids or worry about dealing with any shady people or multiple contractors because we handle it all for you and the insurance company sets all the prices.  We fix exactly what they tell us to for the price they agree to pay for it.  The only thing we would ever quote is if you wanted to upgrade or fix something that was not covered by your insurance company.

The reason your insurance company will tell you to get multiple bids is not because they hope you find the cheapest price and make money off the claim yourself.  It is so that they hope you find a low price and save them some money so they don't have to pay as much as they have estimated on the claim.  Don't be fooled into thinking the insurance guys have your best interest in mind.  They like to save themselves money every chance they get.  

Is any money required upfront?

That is really up to you.  We can work this either way.  We would like you to trust us and pay up front so that we don't have to purchase materials out of pocket etc.  However if you are uncomfortable with that we can front the job and be paid the day the work is complete when you are completely satisfied.  We want to provide you with the utmost customer service and show you we are the best contractor you can choose for your next project.