Job description:

  • Network with your local community.
  • Attend trade shows, and community events.
  • Learn what to look for in any neighborhood to find roofs that are potentially damage and needing inspection.
  • Inspect roofs and take pictures of potential damage that would lead an insurance company to pay to replace damaged roof.
  • Educate homeowners on the need to replace a roof, and how to handle the claims process with insurance company.
  • Meet insurance adjuster to make sure they are examining damage properly.
  • Pick up insurance checks, and provide work scope documents to the homeowner.
  • Check on Jobs as they are being built to make sure other home owners are aware that we are building for their neighbors and that their roof potentially could be damaged as well.
  • Network, Network, Network most of the job is just letting people know what you do.
  • Potential earnings are 100k+
  • Storm chasing Sales people and Project managers earning potential is 200k+


SENTRY Roofing and Solar sales people create their own hours, and have a lifestyle that allows time for family, friends, and quality of life that some only dream about.  If you have been in sales you know it can be great money, but a potential grind that starts over every month with a sales manager breathing down your neck about the latest months numbers.  You have no job security from your accomplishments from previous months, and eventually you become burnt out.  We know the grind because we have all been there, and that is part of the reason our company was created. 

If you are looking to be ultra dedicated, and a figure in your local community with a great income apply today.  We only want the best of the best.  Training is provided and we provide business cards, network oppurtunities, community events are paid by the company, and if you need a ladder we work that out too.  All you need is desire and dedication.


Please send resume to